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July 19, 2018 RSS feed / Editorials

Political Cartoon

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Professional gypping termite experts

Ramblin’ Roses and Flyin’ Bricks

July 18, 1956 An article in a recent issue of a popular weekly magazine reveals that skillful fly-by-night home repair people gyp the American home owners out of $500,000,000 a year. More...

Never assume you have the luxury of time

Tears and Laughter

Travis came into my life in 1990, when he was two and I was 18. His mother was not involved at that stage in his life and my life had not prepared me for being a stepmother. More...

The Wisdom of Buchanan

Thomasville Times

I used to see Pat Buchanan a good bit on the “McLaughlin Group,” “Crossfire” and “The Capital Gang.” He also ran for president for the Reform Party. More...

Potpourri Notebook from June 5 Primary

Inside the Statehouse

You have the results of Tuesday’s runoff elections. I had to go to press with my column before the results were known. More...

What will you be remembered for saying?

Front Porch Philosopher

I got a picture of my granddaughter in a message on my phone. She is posing for a series of shots for her senior portraits. I think this was the best one yet. She was wearing a turquoise dress and riding a green bicycle. More...